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Automation Network Selection

      Are you trying to make sense of all the different industrial automation networks on the market today? Whether you're a novice industrial network user or someone who simply needs to brush up on the technology, Automation Network Selection will help you better understand and select the "right" network for a given application.

      Industry expert Dick Caro walks you through the various industrial networks (e.g., sensor, fieldbus, control, safety buses, and so on) and then gives you a perspective on the typical applications for industrial automation network technology. The emphasis is on the intended application for each network, rather than on the network protocol that is more typically discussed in most textbooks.

      With many projects requiring more than one network application, finding the network that best fits your needs is no easy task. This book will help get you started on the right path.

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Richard Caro
4 Clyde Terrace, Arlington, MA 02474