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Dick Caro provides industrial wireless subscription service

After writing news articles for Control Magazine, a Putman publication, for more than a year, Dick Caro, the principle of CMC Associates has decided that he can better serve industry with an independent news source for following the progress of industrial wireless communications standards, and other related controversial issues. A report concentrating on the work surrounding the ISA100 standards committee will be delivered electronically approximately every two months. This report is expected to also cover the standardization efforts of WirelessHART as well, since they have recently been linked by the establishment of the WirelessHART Convergence Subcommittee to also be known as ISA100.12. Additionally, the progress of IEC industrial wireless standards will also be covered. A sample report is enclosed with this flyer.

Subscribers will also receive unscheduled news analyses related to the subject of industrial wireless standardization and new product announcements.

Annual subscriptions are being accepted by CMC Associates by calling CMC at +1.978.635.9449, mailing the subscription application with a check enclosed, or through a credit/debit card purchase.

Dick Caro is currently the Co-Chair of both the User Working Group of ISA100, and Co-Chair of the newly formed WirelessHART Convergence Subcommittee, ISA100.12. He is the author of "Wireless Industrial Networks-3rd edition" and "Automation Network Selection-2nd edition" both available from ISA Press. He is also the author of "User Guide to Fieldbus Network Equipment for Process Control-3rd edition" available from Copperhill and Pointer. He was formerly employed by ARC Advisory Group, Arthur D. Little, ModComp, and Foxboro. He is the chairperson of ISA50 standards committee, and formerly was the Convener (Chair) of the IEC Fieldbus standards committee. He is a Certified Automation Professional and Life Fellow of the ISA, and was elected to the Process Control Hall of Fame.

Dick Caro states: "I am entering this publications business so that I can remain uninfluenced by money from the suppliers and editorial prejudices of magazine publishers. This will, hopefully, also fund my committee travel expenses. Please support my independence."

Richard Caro
4 Clyde Terrace, Arlington, MA 02474