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Wireless Networks for Industrial Automation, 3rd Edition

      As commercial and residential networks rapidly go the wireless route, will industrial networks soon follow? This newly revised digital book has been expanded to include information on WirelessHART and the developing ISA100.11a draft standards. A previous update from the first edition features information on the increasingly popular new wireless application Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) while also providing a clear, unbiased view of the emerging wireless communications market. Author Dick Caro explores wireless communications from the factory and process automation viewpoints to help you make clear decisions on the timing and strategy for implementing wireless networks for automation projects. According to Caro, going wireless is more than just plugging in some wireless components to replace the wires. Residential networks are easily justified using today's inexpensive wireless components to avoid costly or unsightly wire installations. Industrial use is not quite so clear due to privacy and security problems and the potential for signal loss in plant environments. Industrial use must have secure communications that never fails. However, the cost of industrial wiring is so high, that wireless can usually be justified. To keep pace with the ever-changing nature of this technology, this book is offered in digital format so that it can be updated on a continual basis.
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Richard Caro
4 Clyde Terrace, Arlington, MA 02474